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What is Muelsfell? - Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) that revolves around the creation of magical golems by mages and magic users. Muelsfell is part combat, part roleplaying game, part resource management. Sign up for an account and give it a try -- for free!
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Premium Features
Curious what it means to be a Premium Member? Take a look at just a few of the features offered in Muelsfell as a Premium Member. The game is updated regularly, so the list will grow over time!

Curious to see these features for yourself? Check out the Screenshots from the Help pages.
Improved Game Interface
No Ads!Premium members do not see ads of any type!
Active Golem Brief!View the brief stats of your active golem in the sidebar without having to go outside your workshop.
Customize Sidebar DisplaysDecide which sidebar blocks you want to show. Resources? A quick way to move your golem? A list of what special items you've acquired? Put it all in the sidebar for easy reference or hide it for a cleaner interface.
Top Resource BarChoose between having the resources displayed in the sidebar, along the top, or not at all.
Time of Day Image in FooterQuickly reference what time of day or night it is with a glance at the bottom of every page.
Custom Quick Links!Pick and choose what pages you want to link directly and have those appear in your sidebar. Never be more than a single click from any page in Muelsfell.
Outside and Worktable GolemsAlways have access to both the golem outside your workshop as well as the one on the worktable from any page.
Local Map Helper!Find clicking through the local map tedious to find your favourite hunting spot? No more! Go to whatever area you want with one click from the local map page.
Larger Basement!Space for 4 extra golems in your basement, no matter how big your basement already is!
Longer Building Queues!Premium members can place up to five(5) items or buildings in their queues rather than just one(1). This applies to the construction queues in the workshop, artificer, and worktable pages.
Greater Opponent Details!When viewing another magus' workshop, you'll get more information about the golem guarding their workshop, such as what materials were used for the golem's limbs. You'll also get a better idea of what condition the golem is in.
Larger Market WagonPremium member wagons hold a LOT more resources, allowing you to make and accept trades of much larger sizes.
Easier Golem RepairRepair all a golem's damage with a single click.
Faster Item RemovalNormal players must remove one item at a time from a golem, which can get time consuming for a heavily armoured and equipped golem. Premium members can remove all armour or all non-armour items from their golems with a single click.
Shorter Mission TimesAll golems take time to return from a mission, but Premium members wait a shorter amount of time for their golems to return. If your opponent is a creature that is in a neighboring hunting area to your workshop, you'll have no waiting time at all!
Item Completion NotificationReceive an in-game notice when an item or building is finished in the queue, even if you're not on that particular page at the time.
Larger Mail BoxThe maximum number of messages you can receive in game increases from thirty(30) to fifty(50).
Combat MessagingTurn the colour messaging in combat off or on, or set your reports to a brief version that is easier to review.
Name Your Golems!Give each of your golems a unique, individual name so that you can easily distinguish it from your other golems of the same type.
Profile Quotes and WebsitesAdd your own comments, brags, or description to your profile page, as well as a link to your favourite website.
Private Sticky NotesMake notes about what upgrades or items you need to make in game, what friends or foes you may have, or just about anything else with a private sticky note.
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