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What is Muelsfell? - Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) that revolves around the creation of magical golems by mages and magic users. Muelsfell is part combat, part roleplaying game, part resource management. Sign up for an account and give it a try -- for free!
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News: Muelsfell World v1.0
Author: Arkham

Thank you for everything, it's been a fun ride. :)

Author: Arkham

Muelsfell will be CLOSING on Friday August 8th. Thank you for everything, and best of luck in the future! :)

Author: Arkham

Just a quick note to wish you and yours a Happy Holidays.

Author: Arkham

In celebration of Halloween, all active accounts have been granted 75 premium tickets! But not just any tickets -- SPOOKY tickets. Creepy tickets that ooze evil as well as premiumness. Plus check out the new Halloween premium set, available until November 4th.

Author: Arkham

All active accounts in Muelsfell have been given 75 free premium tickets.

What IS Muelsfell?

Muelsfell is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) in the fantasy genre where you control magical constructs known as golems. The only requirements to play are having a modern browser such as Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0 with Javascript enabled. There are no downloads and the game is free to play.

Set against the backdrop of a rich history, you'll take on the role of a Magus, a magical craftsperson capable of building Golems.

As a Magus, you'll have your own workshop with over twelve different structures like the Artificer Lab and Library, access to six different renewable resources and local hunting areas, and the ability to craft your own items and golems.

Join other magi as you scour the world for nine other non-renewable resources such as Adamantine and Gemstones, or crush them in your drive to acquire resources to build your golem creations. Make allies or enemies, or try to keep your head down and rid the nearby woods of goblin infestations.

Muelsfell boasts a market where you can trade resources, items, or even golems themselves with other magi, a job center where you can earn gold to fund your endeavours, and an assortment of periphery systems such as the in-game lottery.

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