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Darghelm, in the Foothills of Ulvania
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AuthorThread: Study
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Message #35097 Posted: Aug 19, 2009, 5:41 am
Yamiko's workshop afforded the copper golem the peace and quiet she needed to read, once she'd kicked out the door guard (a bone, really; was it just her or were the unsparked getting even stupider, particularly about combat ranges?) and set up shop. The workshop was pretty dusty; the iron they'd built (well, she'd finished the limbs anyway, though Yamiko had made the power supply ahead of time) was clearly the only project in some time. Yamiko's mute, unsparked gem golem stood in the corner, silent, waiting for orders. It was kind of creepy, really. Not that Blaze had time for such trivial matters.

Days passed in a blur; Blaze, not requiring sleep, still couldn't read, couldn't absorb the information fast enough for her impatience. Her passion flares up as she reads more, more from the tome, searching for the essential clue, the answer she could not find in stolen textbooks. She had to know. She had to save everyone. She had to fix this.

OOC: Tag Kyomi, for what's in the book
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Message #35109 Posted: Aug 19, 2009, 9:46 am
The book starts with a legend, complete with notes next to various artifacts , like "Oroborus scale..." then "Found one, great wastes." Or, "Darkstone gem..." then on the side "Re-created, abilities tripled."

This legend mentions a half god, who began his career weak, but because his nature was not static, like a true god whose ability was set in stone upon creation, he grew in power and lead the pantheon.

This presented the problem of the golem, who is by nature, static and immortal, provided they are not destroyed. Kyomi's footnote here is 'dagnabbit.'

In detail, her notes describe the creation of Her Shadow, a homunculus whom she intended for intelligence from conception. Some of the steps seem confusing, backward, and somewhat bizarre, but a note here in the margin, smudged by a drop of water, say "For the child I'll never have."

Her footnote here is: Book of Ymir, given by undecipherable. Older method for gifting thought, new spin on the spell, same results, less risk of backlash. A page is referenced, later in the book. "Order a golem to read the following pages, and thought will happen. Who says science and magic don't mix?"

Other steps are also laid out, for each type of golem, special 'channel's are described, such as different woods for a wood golem, or mixing of clay and ceramic... The note here is "iron is boring, steel has character."

The chapter on magic, is as follows.

After a proper body is made, the power source is next. Like a human's 'soul' (the margin here says 'demons and angels exempt') magic must come from within. A power source that has not been made specifically for the task, will most likely fail. (footnote: explosively) Here it details additions and subtractions for all the common power sources, up to, but not including the steam engine, (footnote: far too static, magic is change, machines are not.)

(ooc: there is more... but digest that in your few days, Blaze.)
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Message #43924 Posted: Apr 22, 2010, 5:24 am
(Taking place after the Bossenwelle invasion but before the Birthday Ball thread.)

Driven to distraction by dark thoughts and inactivity, Alpha decides to try a change of pace. Instead of brooding in the dark basement, he'll go brood in his office. Which is also dark. Alright, need more of a change. He turns on the light. Better.

With a sigh, he looks around the room desperately seeking a distraction of some sort. Noticing a large leather-bound book tucked under a dusty stack of papers, he frowns. He can't recall reading anything in his office that would match that book- he doesn't read anything but reports and memos in here. His eyes brighten a little as he lifts the papers off and opens the book to scan the first page so he can identify it.

Several hours later, he's still bending over his desk as he rapidly flips through the book. Good thing his muscles don't get stiff...

OOC- after Five and his people captured Blaze, the book Kyomi had given her eventually made its way to Alpha. Hopefully he'll have better luck with it than she did...
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