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AuthorThread: Treasure and Golems
Haruna's Avatar
Posts: 471
Location: Jinkara
Magus Age: 118 years old
Message #35499 Posted: Aug 26, 2009, 3:16 am
There is already a system in place, or close enough to it, that is going to let monsters drop items in addition to resources.

My thoughts on this are, why not allow a magus with the proper monster parts, experience and possibly time to improve their golems in certain ways?

Similar to how we can currently increase the strength of a golem with exp, why not a system that would allow us to improve other such features as speed, accuracy, size/reach, main/chest hp, slots for items, damage/type inflicted or resisted?

One would need the required materials and exp, and one could require the golem be 'offlined' for the duration of the upgrade, such as being unable to be moved off the workbench.

This could get a bit out of hand, but one could also set a limit on how much 'reinforcement' a golem can have (say 100 'points' of reinforcement not including strength), and also set a penalty that would increase the materials required to repair such a golem by a percentage based on the number of reinforcements received.

These reinforcements could be rated like such: (assuming a max of 100 points)
Main/Chest Hp increase: 1 point increases hp by 1%, max of 50.
Size/Reach increase: 5 points to increase reach/size by one unit. (Max size: Large)
Speed increase: 1 point per 1 ft (max 5)
Slots increase: 10 points per slot (max 2?)
Accuracy increase: 2 points per 1% accuracy if eyes installed.
Damage type increase: 2 points per point of damage added
Damaged resist increase: 2 points per point of resistance added to the chest.
Exp could be determined by the number of points required to improve the stat, mayhaps like strength 75 exp per point.
The items could change depending on the type of torso required, say require items based off of the type and level of the golem involved.

One might also add in certain other abilities such as regeneration or flight, if it ever gets implemented, using a similar system.

Well that's just something I've been toying with in my head for a while now. Feel free to rip into or improve upon this at your leisure.

-Haruna Al Khalid
Naelwyn's Avatar
Posts: 209
Location: Hans Mina
Magus Age: 112 years old
Clan: OTAKU2
Website: Click Here
Message #35501 Posted: Aug 26, 2009, 3:32 am
While my thoughts on the matter have been stated before, It never hurts to do so again.

I've suggested a system quite similar to this.
(Really only differance is that it occurs during golem creation and there were unique options per golem, but, it was free. Part of the whole diversify strategies thing.)

Pros of this (Also Comparing to mine): Requires Work to accomplish.
Adds Customization and Strategy.

Cons: Requires work, but explicitly monster killing, which means people with access to more power are going to get these upgrades faster. Other issues with balancing, etc.
Not a whole lot of actual customization, or diversification of golems. This seems to be just a slight improvement and would probably just see everybody do the same thing.

Specific Criticisms:

Speed is too cheap. It's such a big factor that it should be around 5/10 points per point of speed increase.
Likewise to accuracy and damage increase.

Damage resist seems a bit underpowered.

Overall: Not a bad implementation of the customization idea. For a better idea of what I mean by diversification and adding to tacics and the like, please feel free to take a look at my own version of this, created to try and have people do different things and develop strategically. (Rather than have everybody just using whatever is most powerful at the time. [Glass->STR Ench Bone<->Addies->Gem])
Haruna's Avatar
Posts: 471
Location: Jinkara
Magus Age: 118 years old
Message #35593 Posted: Aug 27, 2009, 8:22 am
'Twas a rough idea, I've seen many a like it in the year or so I've been active here.

Still I was motivated by the loss of my original Homunculus, Heron, in a single round of combat from full health and this mostly grew from a wish to increase the HP involved so that I would not lose a second to the same enemy.

That aside, I am saddened by the trends to 'hop' to the next greatest thing. If a golems total makeup affected it's base stats, and not just the torso, then there would also be some fairly broad scopes of improving a golem, add in a reinforcement system for torso's and then mayhaps the mad scientist in me will be satisfied.

Still to adress the 'con' of certain people with more power getting more upgrades, the monster parts/prizes should be tradable. Thus one could also use the market to gain materials by trading other resources for them.
Think of it as a Muelsfellian Stimulus Package. :p

As for the speed being cheap, there is another way one can boost a golems speed through the use of a 'Hasten' Spell. It shouldn't be too much, but it can/should be offset by a 'rare' item being needed for the upgrade.
As can the damage mods, which should also be limited by torso type, ala only allow a flesh golem a few points in the elementals, but more in impact, each type should also need a different material, plus an added point of extra damage is usually countered by the armoring strategies of a clan, thus would mostly benifit those attacking monsters rather than magi.
And for the damage resists being so low, I wish them not to be a replace ment for armor, but an enhancement.
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