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Darghelm, in the Foothills of Ulvania
The hardy people of Ulvania value family bonds and friends over all else, so Darghelm has developed an extensive network of taverns, cozy inns, and messaging systems. They are not a cowardly nor xenophobic people and so allow people from all over the continent to use their taverns and speakeasy establishments.
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AuthorThread: Relative Power Discussion - Clan Primaries.
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Message #42327 Posted: Feb 23, 2010, 12:48 am
I think the melee clans are way out of the runnings for top clan in power. We with a few tix can buy a weapon to send us right past most of your stuff. Switch to normal stance, shoot you while you're approaching, then beat you with a weapon just as good as yours while you're close. I'm not even a melee clan member, and I say they need a really awesome weapon for their clan. Something beyond the norm, like maybe a weapon that does minimal damage, but cuts the resistance of the defender in half!
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Message #42365 Posted: Feb 23, 2010, 11:27 pm
piggybacking on Sconibulus's idea of turning scales into defense-specialty armor, how about crafting scales into weapons? For example, you could craft a blade out of an ice dragon scale, add a bronze hilt, and make an ice dagger. Same for song dragon scale, except the hilt is brass. for enigmatic dagger, the hilt is made of copper and brass; for mercurial, the hilt is made of copper and bronze. IF someone finally gets nari's blessing, you can craft an elemental dagger w/ bronze, copper, brass hilt. For every one, the damage are the same stats as the scale, but as damage insead of resist. Speed: 15, Accuracy: 12%.

Edit: mercurial dagger has been changed to quicksilver dagger, cuz it sounds better. Also, speed of quicksilver dagger is slightly better at 16.
Last Edited: Feb 24, 2010, 10:35 pm
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