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AuthorThread: Public Bio Thread
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Message #38964 Posted: Nov 10, 2009, 2:32 am
I'll start. If anyone else wants to make life easier for those they RP with post a bio too.

P.S.- Mine is kinda long and takes from some of the RP that has already went on here.


Semaj Bio

This is the true records of who I am.

As anyone who asked knows, my name is Semaj Sigmund. I was born the second Saint Belin's Day in the month of Trotokia, 1672. My father, Walter Sigmund, was killed by raiders 4 months before I was born. He was only 23 years old. My mother Cynthia died giving birth to me. She was 19. The Midwife that delivered me died 2 years after my birth, peacefully in her sleep.

The Sigmund line has been forgot since my father's death. Shortly after founding of the Magisterius Clan the Sigmund's where well known for their use of what is believed to be the most ancient of golems, Stone. The records are a bit hard to follow from before Great Grandpa Roy, but it would appear that the stone golems my family used where stronger than the ones seen today. Perhaps the secret to their strength was lost with my father.

Everything about my history is a lie.

The Sigmund line died out with Walter and Cynthia. The fact that the child also died during the child birth died with the midwife. But someone like me needs a history to not be suspected. It's not that I am a criminal or a bad person, I just don't belong here. A recently dead forgotten about Family line makes a good cover. They all believe that I was the last of my line and I grew up in foreign counties after my parents died.

I ended up in Muelsfell much like any other dimension, randomly. All the abilities I had, other than the knowledge I have obtained where gone. I bummed around the cities for a month after I got here learned the culture, trying to blend in. Then one night as I was traveling though the Southmount I was attack by a Mount Giant. All the hand to hand train in the world can't help you against something that big. After it had gotten a hold of me I figured I had a good run and this was game over. To my surprise I woke up about a week later in this crazy old man's house. I was saved by his golem, which was made of a material I have never seen before or since.

He lived in the Southmount and insisted on training me in the ways of the Magi. I wasn't going to complain. The old man was brilliant beyond the level of genius. He taught me things I am sure few other magi know and at a pace I was barely able to keep up with. After I had the basics down and a few advance techniques under development the old man and his strange golem simply disappeared, leaving only the research notes we worked on. After all of the self research I have done in the libraries I believe the man was William Stanton, an original founder of the Magisterius Clan. The hand writing I have on my research notes matched many of the original books in the Libraries archives. William Stanton was said to be "an expert golemancer with a brilliantly analytical mind" and "contributed much of the writings in the clan library." I can believe a person of that caliber could find a way to escape times grasp and live to over the age of 150 years old but I have no solid proof.

Well where does this all leave me? I am just a man playing Magus in this world with a borrowed history and a mysterious teacher. Just like every other world I have been in I plan to do what good I can. I haven't told anybody the truth. From past experience most people can't comprehend the truth of a multi-dimensional traveler. I have seen enough to go crazy a few times over. A spell will be cast upon this record so it can only be read after I die or leave this world. To whoever reads this, you have asked no question and the document contains no lies. Do what you want with knowledge that you are just a small part of a single dimension in the multiverse, just don't go mad thinking about it to much.

(A powerful spell obscures the writings of this document. The first three paragraphs are the same but the rest instead contain detailed accounts of his Semaj's upbringing in foreign lands. They account for his mannerisms, personality, political and religious views. Only someone of great study would question the record, though a strong spell caster may sense the magic.)


Semaj has red irises, shoulder length brown hair and stands at 6 foot even. He has a scar over his right eye starting above the bridge of his nose passing though his eyebrow over his eye and ending in the middle of his jaw line. This scar looks very old and as if it was very deep and actual cut the eye itself.

Semaj has the appearance of a young man, early twenties, but his body tells another tale. He is build much more like an old fighter than a young mage. His body is covered in hundreds of scars from the fights he has been in but never talks about. His muscles aren't bulky but very strong, like that of an old man. His body seems stockier than a normal person from the multiple times he has broken most of his bones. And his hands are covered in calluses as from wielding many weapons though he has never been seen caring one.

Semaj normally wears his hair down but out of his face. Earth tone light loose non restrictive clothing to include a belt and cloak with hood. His boots are special crafted with metal plates worked into the soles and he wears gauntlets that cover his forearm to the upper half of his fingers with a small metal plate on his palm.


Petros Craig - A large 100% stone golem that stands 12 foot 9 inches tall. He is self aware and refers to Semaj as father. He is wide in the shoulders with arms unproportionally long in comparison to his body. Covered in leather straps save for his head covered in Iron Studs and his chest with a heavy Heavy Iron Plate. Under the armor on his arms and legs are etched runes that seal a powerful spell that can be activated once by Petros when and if it becomes needed. He caries two tiger claws on his sides that are enchanted with delayed haste spell. He can bend earth and has a personal of a young child outside of battle. His power source is a combination of magic and advance nano technology and not only powers him but contains his mind. As long as it is not destroyed Petros can be revived from any situation.

Edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation and Petros' info.
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Message #38991 Posted: Nov 11, 2009, 3:26 am
From the TOMU Clan forums

Name: Jellikal Stanton
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Jellikal is the daughter of Antony Stanton Jr, and as such, comes from a long line of wealth and brilliance. Her ancestors helped found TOMU clan; she's been raised with privilege, in her grandfather's estate, and has a sizable dowry set aside for her, though her older brother will inherit the lands and titles of their family. She's a freshmen here at TOMU, of course majoring in Golemancy proper, with a concentration in theoretical research; she's debating between picking up a double major in Artificenciy, a second concentration in Exotic Golemancy, or a minor in Astrology. Or perhaps, all of the above.

Jellikal tends to be perky and upbeat, her concerns in life far more inclined towards clothing and boys than serious golemancy. With her natural talent, she rarely has to study in order to pass, leading her to not take any of her studies seriously - even the harder math courses, which she is not naturally inclined towards. She currently works in the Chancellor's office, as a secretary of sorts, and can often be seen hanging out with Ace.

Name: Alcid Gladstone, AKA "Ace"
Sex: Yes, please
Gender: Indeterminate.
No, seriously, Ace, WTF: Ace gives a wink and an innocent smile. "I don't feel bound by such petty binary constructs as gender."
Age: 18
Occupation: Student.
Specialty: Undecided
Prior work experience: Apprenticed to a tailor.

Ace's hair dangles beside the chin, cut in a boyish yet feminine cut. Ace's eyes sparkle and twinkle, always looking for some new mischief. Ace is always wearing fine, well-fitting clothing, be it a flowy skirt or a well-made suit. Ace adores a top hat and cane that go with the designer suits, and lots of lace trimming the various dresses. Ace loves to play at cards and other forms of gambling. Ace has shown a talent for alchemy, despite a particular lack of talent for golemancy, and thus has applied to the university for more formal training.
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Message #38993 Posted: Nov 11, 2009, 3:36 am
Yamiko's story begins with her parent's stories - Saul Kuronue, the son of an immigrant woman named Kumiko Kuronue, and Lily Genovia, a young woman of some standing in the golemancy society. They were very much in love, and soon prove themselves to be two of the brightest minds in their generation of TOMUites - not surprising, given that Saul and his brother Sampson were the unacknowledged sons of Antony Stanton, born out of wedlock after their father divorced their mother. Yamiko grew up aiding her parents in their craft - a bright and eager child, excited to learn all she could, reared in part by golem nannies.


A 16-year-old girl-child lay on the large, comfortable bed, her black hair spread across the green comforter. Her right hand was raised towards the ceiling, and slowly she curled it halfway into a fist, then flexed it again. She would not think about her parents. She would not remember the terrible heat, the flames that had shut down her last friend as he shielded her with his body. She refused to ponder once more if her questions had distracted her father, if the fatal flaw in the engine they were trying to perfect had been due to her incessant pestering. At fifteen, she'd been a curious lab assistant; surely it wasn't her fault that her parents, on the verge of perfecting the steam engine and streamlining it, on the very cusp of achieving an unprecedented 500 Aems of power, had made a fatal flaw in the cooling. Surely it wasn't her fault that only one golem attended them in the laboratory, and therefore only one life had been saved.

So much for not thinking about it.

She resumed her focus to her hand once more, curling the pinky and thumb towards each other, then uncurling, watching how the muscles rippled, how the skin folded. It was almost beautiful, the human hand. True, it was nothing compared to the human eye, but it had a subtle beauty all its own. Why didn't the graduate students ever understand when she spoke with them? Just because she was a ward of the University rather than a student didn't make her stupid, just uneducated.


Yamiko sat up, her hair falling back into place. Well, why not? After all, this was a university, and it's not like she was doing all that much here. A year she'd spent mourning her parents - SOMEONE had to continue their research. She was smart enough - her parents had been geniuses in the field of golem component creation - and dedicated enough, surely. Who better to fulfill their legacy?

Half an hour later, a sixteen-year-old girl with emerald-green hair, wearing a light blue top instead of black for the first time in a year, knocked on the door to the headmaster's chambers. When the door opened, she wasted no time declaring her mission:

"I want to apply for admission to the University."


Yamiko completed her education at the age of twenty, going on to take a position in the clan and rise through the ranks rapidly - some would say too rapidly, citing her close friendship with the Chancellor as the reason for her position. As young women are wont to do, she lost her heart to exactly the wrong man - Father Coyne of MAGIER clan, in disguise. She agreed to marry him, and the planning began for the Romeo-and-Juliet Wedding of the century - until, for some mysterious reason, she left him in the middle of the night, returning to the clan. She hasn't been the same since...

Yami's hair changes color frequently - she dyes it every time some significant change occurs in her life, such as the death of her parents, or her breakup with Coyne.

PB: Ellen Page
Dark Jewels (natural color as far as we know) [/muelsfell/yami_dj.jpg]
More natural color [/muelsfell/yamiko-2.png]
College years (teal) [/muelsfell/yamiko-1.png]
Opening of RP (pink) [/muelsfell/yamiko-3.png]

PB: sims 2
Opening of RP (pink) [/muelsfell/yamiko.JPG]
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Message #39723 Posted: Nov 23, 2009, 11:32 pm
Shan tends to wear simple clothing with colors that would range from a dull green to brown - if they weren't so worn and faded. More often than not, he has clay streaked across his face or shirt, and his hands are stained with dirt and golem grease. He keeps his rust brown hair cut short. Before becoming a magus, Shan only had his name and what he could carry with him, and his name wasn't worth much. He still keeps all of his important belongings in a rucksack which he brings everywhere with him. It's mostly filled with sentimental trinkets of some usefulness (a dimly glowing crystal he found in an old ruin; a water damaged but mostly blank notebook; an ornate dagger, which was a gift from his mother, carved from the bone of some unknown animal; etc.), as well as practical supplies like a length of rope and some bandages. Around his neck hangs a pair of goggles with some old golem eyes mounted in place of the lenses. He says he wears them sometimes to "see the same world that the golems see."
Just from looking at him, one might guess Shan doesn't realize how many ranks in his clan he's advanced over the years. Even though he has been promoted to co-magistrate of Long Arms, he still appears as little more than a grubby apprentice.

Shan is a whimsical sort of person, and occasionally even he doesn't know exactly why he does some of the things he does. He has a tendency to multitask, leaving one or two projects half-finished to work on a third. His clay creations often end up with an unusual unique appearance from his whimsical creativity. Life is a game to him, although it is a game he takes seriously (sometimes). Honesty and loyalty are important to him nonetheless. He can be reckless or cautious as the situation merits.

Anyone familiar with Shan's family might call them eccentric. Since they rarely stayed in one town long enough for anyone to be familiar with them, people's actual descriptions would vary between "crazy" and "dangerous."
Eccentric is more accurate. Shan's parents were practically obsessed with the thrill of adventure. They always kept moving, looking for new places and new things to see. Living in nature gave them a rugged appearance that made some townsfolk nervous. Shan himself grew up viewing the world as an unpredictable, random, and wild place, and he learned to adapt, becoming an unpredictable, random, and wild child in response. Shan developed into a flexible person, thinking on his feet and learning through experience. The dangers of the wilderness sharpened his mind and body.

Then one day, on a whim, after who cares how many years of aimless wandering with his family, Shan decided to stop traveling. Having seen and survived the wonders and dangers of a good bit of the world, he felt like trying something different. He let his family go on without him and settled down in Arzenbourg to pursue his new interest - pottery. With no real experience or training, he taught himself through trial and error, studying how the clay behaved. Occasional library visits didn't hurt either. Just like in his adventuring life, he found what worked and kept doing it, eventually developing his own rough style. But by the time he had established a little shop, Shan's wanderlust started to act up again. When he looked for something new on which to focus his energies, he found he had a knack for golem-making and quickly studied the ways of the magus. Experience sculpting clay was directed at sculpting golems as well. He found Clay golems to be well suited for use in the local swamps.
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Message #39763 Posted: Nov 24, 2009, 7:56 pm
Laidan looks like a fairly average man, just short of 6 feet tall, around 30ish, with brown hair and dark eyes. He has maintained his workshop near Mottonsborough for as long as anyone can remember, which seems at odds with his youthful appearance, but no one has asked how old he really is.
Depending who you talk to he might be described as dashing and charismatic or callous and megalomaniacal. He is reasonably handsome and knows how to put his charm to good advantage, if he feels it worthwhile.
If you get into the true driving forces for Laidan, he's more interested in knowledge than power, though they often amount to the same thing, and you never know what he'll take an interest in next.
Lately he has embarked on a sort of PR campaign for Hereti-Corp, trying to clean up their image, but to mixed success. While he had been a large contributor to their reputation for violence he has been on good behavior recently, even appearing at some public events, but his personal turn around hasn't spread clan-wide and there are those who believe he hasn't really changed either.
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Message #40246 Posted: Dec 10, 2009, 7:41 pm
Sconibulus, the sound of his name is enough to set the teeth of the Republican Guard on edge. He's been apprehended for dozens of crimes, ranging in scale, but always seems to get himself acquitted. Something about a consistent lack of evidence strikes the guard as more than a little coincidental, but they're unable to act on their suspicions.

When he's not busy with acts of negligence and destruction, Sconi can often be found in his workshop working on any number of experimental and often somewhat dangerous projects. After finishing his miniature bone imp, Cheestery, he was granted his degree, and a professorship at the university.

All in all, he comes across as a generally convivial individual, but one who is more than willing to barb his tongue to prove a point, or just to score one. A spark of lunacy tinges his actions and words, but not a particularly dangerous variety.
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Message #41293 Posted: Jan 11, 2010, 12:40 pm
Kyomi may not look like much, being just a shade over five feet tall, but something about her gives the impression of far more.

Her home, Kyomi's Den of Stuff, favors her own colours. Green Jade for her eyes, black walls for her hair, and pale white for her skin, but like her home, sitting next to the outer wall of OTAKU's Clan hall, something about her seems out of place. An otherworldly beauty.

Of personality, she is often cheerful, but serious when the situation warrants. She also has deep reserves of knowledge that she likes to flaunt on occasion, just like the rest of her.

When not at home, she has several things she carries with her at all times. One of the most notable, is her book.

The Book of Ymir, the first giant, and the one who's body is said to have been made into the prime material realm, is Kyomi's first possession of note. This 'book of creation' has been known to spawn all kinds of interesting things from its pages at her command.

Next are a small pair of wings. Usually hidden by her hair, they are all but condemning evidence that she isn't as human as she seems.

Her Shadow. First, and greatest of her unique golems, Her Shadow is a near perfect formed flesh golem who has taken on so many human features, that he might as well be, in all but name. Clothed like her in 'just enough' Her Shadow is prone to cynicism, mostly towards his maker's actions of recklessness, or at her tendency to flaunt more than she should of her charms or knowledge. If you do not see Her Shadow near her, you are not looking hard enough.

The last of her 'accessories' is carried by Her Shadow, and it takes the form of a hand-and-a-half double edged straight bladed sword. Akin to the Forerunner's blade, it isn't, quite.
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Message #41310 Posted: Jan 11, 2010, 8:01 pm
Gordon Ironsmith is a younger looking man, maybe late twenties. With dark blond hair, green blue eyes, standing at a respectable 6'with wide shoulders. Seemingly care free, it often shocks people to find out that he is the Sovereign Magistrate of SFC, and other magi are often astounded at his wide breath of knowledge on spells and the inhabitants of Muelsfell. Besides leading SFC Gordon runs a large forge where he and apprentices from all over the land enchant metals which he sells mainly to The Dominican Guard, and the Miners Guild.

Gordon suddenly became the leader of newly formed SFC when the former leader suddenly disappeared, (his last known location was at RANGER HQ) and has since become a driving force behind magic research.

Recently Gordon has taken the lead in driving back the threat presented by the temporal wraiths, and in the resulting battles Gordon has begun to betray that he may know more about magic then he lets on.
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Message #43925 Posted: Apr 22, 2010, 8:05 am
Think of the oldest, sourest and snobby-est teacher you've ever had or heard of. This is the teacher *he* hated to have. Hermes was one of the Magisterius old guard- highly tenured, owed a lot of not-so-nice favors and descended from one of the founding families. All of this explains why he still has a job, given that he hates students, hates teaching and hates, well, pretty much everything except being respected and having power over people.

He's well into his seventies (and fully human) and has been part of the Magisterius staff since he graduated with his doctorate in the field of Golemantic Programing (the 'software' side of golems). Hermes currently teaches a single class each semester- Golemancy Programing 101- as the bare minimum he can do and still remain on the Magisterius Staff. It doesn't hurt that he's also brilliant in his field- unfortunately, he knows it.

He's smug, sarcastic and has no sense of humor. He doesn't like to socialize expect to showcase himself or his work- or to accept his 'due' respect and honors. Fussy and demanding with his students, Hermes has the highest fail rate on campus. Nevertheless, he does have a small following of other power-hungry, old-blooded students (they may not like him though).

Hermes has only one real redeeming personality trait- he strongly disapproves of needless cruelty. Pointing out a student's flaws- loudly and publicly- is just constructive criticism. Bullying or insulting someone just for spite or the like is not only a waste of time, it's distasteful. More than one student has made the mistake of assuming that because Hermes belittled a student in class for making an error means that they could do the same. His best time for making the bully flee the room in tears is seventeen seconds of razor tongued diatribe.

Hermes had only just put in his bid to be elected Sovereign Magistrate and Chancellor of TOMU to replace Sterling when Kaelas arrived. Given that they were the only two trying for the position, and Hermes' winning personality, the average person might see why Kaelas won even though he'd only been part of TOMU for a few years. Hermes, however, remains convinced that Kaelas cheated and stole the position from him.

Lately, Hermes has been hiding himself away in his workshop, leaving only to teach his class and then hurrying back with as little interaction as possible.

Description: Stringy white hair, beady brown eyes with wire-rim glasses. Light starved pale skin with a lot of wrinkles. Average height but stooped over most of the time, leans on a cane to walk. Dresses in what used to be good clothes thirty years ago- and always formal-wear, suits or at the least slacks and a dress shirt. With tie.
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Message #43960 Posted: Apr 23, 2010, 1:23 am
Name: Kaelas or 'Kae'
Title: Co-Chancellor, Dean of Engineering and Professor of Runic Metalworking. (likely to be the Dean of Healing Studies too).
Clan: Magisterius University

An elderly male appearing to be in his late forties or early fifties (though he looked the same age when he first joined TOMU over two decades ago). He has dark hair, now lightly salted with a few gray strands that reaches between his shoulder blades. He has dark blue eyes and a rather exotic (think eastern Europe) cast to his face- and he takes after his father in that he'd be better described as beautiful or even gorgeous as opposed to handsome. This is not to say he's ever mistaken for female, mind you. Unless he wants to be...

While he's taken pains to keep them secret (more on how later), Kaelas has another rather significant feature- dark furred membranous batwings that brush the ground despite his 6'4'' frame.

Given that he's a non-native to Muelsfell, it's perhaps not surprising that Kaelas has a few extra tricks up his sleeve aside from Golemancy and the relatively simple magic used by Magi here. Kaelas is a Black jeweled Warlord Prince Healer. The Healer part is pretty much as it sounds. Warlord Prince isn't a title but rather a caste label, one that means he's a highly aggressive, highly protective person that can reach the 'killing edge' when pushed (berserker state but a cold rage, not an unreasoning fury). The last bit, the Black jewel, denotes him as being of the most powerful rank of Craft user.

However, in an attempt to make Kaelas fit in (and explain why he doesn't just turn, say, Yemeth, in a bundle of flaming ash), I decided that Craft and Muelsfellian magic conflict. He can use it as much as he pleases on himself (such as flying despite not having hollow bones or turning invisible) but can only do basic short-term Craft on landens (non-Magi). Even a simple spell would inflict very painful feedback on Kaelas if cast on a Magus or monster. Any Craft at all would likely be fatal if used on a golem or highly magical monster.

At least he's fairly skilled with his warblade...
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Message #43962 Posted: Apr 23, 2010, 3:34 am
Making this one for some of my more notable NPCs:


Alpha is Kaelas' first golem, his Homunculus. Kaelas, perhaps at first just as a challenge, perhaps as a means of recreating something of his long lost home, began very early in his career in Muelsfell an attempt to improve the Art of golemancy. Specifically, he wished to create not mere tools or weapons but a true life; a self-aware, self-determined being. His first, and in nearly all regards, best, success to date is Alpha. Despite being his first attempt, Alpha is both more independent and stable than nearly every other golem created using his Spark method. Kaelas is unsure of why this is but suspects it is largely due to it being his first attempt- he gave more of himself to the effort than he would latter on, perhaps to the point of investing a fraction of his own life force in the golem.

Kaelas considers Alpha his son. Completely. After all, he created both his body and soul, raised and taught him, comforted and cared for him. In the beginning, when Alpha's existence was secret, he limited himself to being himself to Kaelas's Manor and the Chancellor's office, where the young golem quickly took over most of Kaelas's paperwork. Quite frankly, this has been a boon to all involved, giving Alpha purpose and removing Kaelas from the process- the Chancellor has rather limited patience for such things and often used.. shortcuts and less than professional tone in his papers.

Alpha, or Al to those he trusts, enjoys the steady, unsurprising monotony of such work- a rather noticeable contrast to his other hobby, fine cuisine. It's a rare occasion that a meal is taken in the Manor that Alpha didn't have a hand in nowadays. Despite this, Alpha hasn't let his well-known, if now a touch out-dated, fighting skills lapse. Still, put a repeater dart tube in his hands and he can hold his own against most.
Alpha currently has two younger siblings- Ceriph, a gemstone golem with a female personality and Valadin, a clay with a male personality.

Valadin has decided his life's purpose is to contain and one day redeem both Caerula and Gwendolyn. He reads a lot of old epic poetry and other stories, which in turn has had a great influence on his speech and manner. Valadin considers himself an echo of the knights of old (which likely never really existed outside of literature but that idea never fazed him) and acts as such- honor, chivalry and dignified manners are his watchwords.

Ceriph, the youngest of the three, has recently revealed to her father that she wishes to join the Dimitrian Republican Guard one day. Kaelas is... supportive. She is, however, still very young (around ten or so, mentally) and that might easily change a half dozen times before the end of the year. A hyperactive pixie, Ceriph is perhaps overly friendly, highly curious and just a touch spoiled. She is the youngest, after all.
Finally, Phedre is a common born laden (non-magus) from Shilo Steppe. Apprenticed to a weaver when very young, she was able to buy her mistress out when she passes her masterwork test and set herself up as a seller of blankets and the like. After a few years, she borrowed a rather sizable amount of coin from the Darghelm Merchants Consortium in order to expand her shop. Fast forward to her fortieth birthday and she's the owner of a small but high end clothing and woven goods store, specializing in one of a kind items.

Having just finally paid off the last of her loan, Phedre is well established professionally but has had very little time to pursue personal goals. And because she has scrimped and saved every coin to for her shop and debt, she lives in a small closet sized room above her shop. Nevertheless, she's happy- she has a flourishing business that means she'll never have to work herself to death just to feed herself like her mother did. She is even able to employee several young and promising weavers, seamstresses and a young lad with a flair for art in numerous mediums.

It was around this time that two older gentleman entered her shop. While growing in fame and recognition, she'd yet to break into the Magus circles- or the noble and such for that matter. So when this obviously foreign-born Magus asked if she could make him and his liege-man an entire wardrobe (with outfits suitable for everything from day-to-day to formal dinners with a king), she agreed. After almost fainting, anyway. The first use of these fine clothes, however, was not such a lofty meal- but rather a private lunch for two.

Phedre and Kaelas saw each other exclusively since that day. They were wed just recently, some four years after he first asked her. As she's said since to family, "Ah had mah reasons for never saying yes. But they are nae important anymore. Not compared to him."
Sorry, this time I really mean last one:
Five is a Bronze golem and among the first of the second generation Sparked. This means he was awakened after Alpha and Viktor but before most of the other golems in the clan were. He reached true awareness rather quickly- because of this, and his innate charisma, he's become a de facto leader of the golems. Possessing a quiet but unshakable faith in a composite religion he created while trying to learn about the standard religions, Five is also the spiritual leader of the golems.

He's reserved and soft-spoken since his full awakening, rarely if ever falling back on using the power in his bronze frame to make a point. Five spends most of his time praying/thinking about life or teaching the other golems how to be people (not human, but people). He's been seen lately in the company of Mech a great deal.
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Message #44822 Posted: Jun 22, 2010, 2:28 am
Erika Cloud is a first-year graduate student... and a dismal failure. Attempting to study Chaos Theory after an undergraduate degree in an entirely unrelated field, she took six courses - four of them twice - before being informed that if she couldn't find someone to mentor her in an internship, she'd be dropped from the program. Desperate, she applied everywhere she could, only to be accepted by Raiden, a recent graduate who has 0 research assistants. Now she spends her time running errands for him and trying not to mess up his experiments for the fifth time this week.
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The Tomu Golems

The following information has not been made public in-character

Between myself, Sconi, and Kaelas, there are 45 named, Sparked golems with basic personalities outlined in our notes; this is not counting the several dozen clay golems. When Kaelas said he sparked every golem in the TOMU depot, he meant it - and some of you old-timers might remember our depot has always been full to the brim, and is currently level 10. He did NOT spark, however, the shadow guards that stand outside each magus' place; he doesn't spark working golems because he doesn't want them to get killed.

Some of the ones you saw at the party include the Brass golem clique of "sorority girls", several in favor of Blaze's ideas, the "Bone Ninja Assassin Clan" serving as party security, and the "Magisterious Host Club" serving as waiters.

Of course there's also Viktor, Yami's (abandoned) former best friend; Ceriph and Valadin, Kaelas' kids; and Alpha, who you've all met if you've followed RP. All are usually available for RP at any point in time.
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