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Darghelm, in the Foothills of Ulvania
The hardy people of Ulvania value family bonds and friends over all else, so Darghelm has developed an extensive network of taverns, cozy inns, and messaging systems. They are not a cowardly nor xenophobic people and so allow people from all over the continent to use their taverns and speakeasy establishments.
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AuthorThread: Blasphemy, or Progress?
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GordonIronsmith's Avatar
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Message #44325 Posted: May 10, 2010, 7:26 pm
"Depends on who you ask." Gordon interjects. "And yes he may stay for a few days he shouldn't be able to get into to much trouble down here. Now may I lead you out?"

Meanwhile the golem clad in black had silently moved behind Shadow and was now staring over his shoulder at the book he was reading.

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Message #44330 Posted: May 10, 2010, 9:56 pm
"Thank you." Her Shadow replies, tilting his head slightly to give the black clad golem a better view of the book. "I promise not to put the books out of order."

"And yes, please," Kyomi says, "If you could be so kind as to show me out. There is much to do."
GordonIronsmith's Avatar
Posts: 434
Location: Broukendale
Magus Age: 98 years old
Message #44338 Posted: May 11, 2010, 5:04 am
"Indeed there is." Gordon lend Kyomi from the room to the end of the hallway. The hallway had doorways evenly spaced and stretched a fair distance, several doors stood opens. The First Led into a room empty except of a single archway. The next had a number of structures, possibly the skeletons for new golems. Gordon reaches the end of the and Opens the Door into a room slightly larger then a broom closet with a patterned tile floor. "After you." As they enter the room there is a bright light followed by darkness which quickly passes. The Sound of wind blowing through trees and and cricket can be herd.

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