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AuthorThread: Mini Games Suggestion
DemonDurai's Avatar
Posts: 92
Location: Jaaron
Magus Age: 112 years old
Message #44806 Posted: Jun 21, 2010, 1:53 pm
Any Ideas and Mini games to fill those time gaps after your golem returning from a mission.

1) Option of higher stakes at cash machine. As your level gets higher and income increases it becomes pointless to gamble on it.

2) A casino with more games to play with. There could be a Muelsfell custom version of the actually casino games. How great would it be to have something like a Monopoly version of muelsfell.

3) Battle Cage. The object is to see how long your golem could last without repair it? Fight 10 creatures in a row with the same golem to win a prize. You could have different levels to choose from.

3) Challenge Match. After defeating X amount of creature B there is chance they drop a magical ball that if use transport you to their Queen or king, that wanted a 1v1 grudge match for the atrocity commited against its kind. You only have one chance to beat it.

4)Golem Mission. The golems seem to be a mindless killing machine bent on destruction. That can be change with the intoduction of special missions for golem. So here is an example,

How it works:

Rescue Rescue!: to complete this mission you must have the following, Magus level 13, workshop level 15, resource stone level 10, library stone golem level 2, 100 motivation points and must have complete the mission "Catch The Thief"

Brief: In a mining cave five miles outside the city of Jaaron, there was sudden earthquake which collapse the underground tunnels. Needing your assisting ( a mage of your abilty and power) as soon as possible, a request was ask for you to send a Stone Golem at least level 2. The Stone Golem must have the following equip: A lantern, pickaxe, and no less than an elemental fire gem. If you accept this mission your golem won't return until six days. You will be reward after the mission is completed.

Reward: access to the Jaaron mine where fascinated new creatures await, 15000money and 4000 silver, 1 preminum ticket.

5)Retribution: possible consequences for failing not to finish off a creature, the creature will attack your workshop for next three days unless you find its new Lair and finish it off. Think twice about choosing your enemies unless you know you can win for sure.

Well I think they can all fit in the technical confines of the game. I post more if a light bulb appear.


Last Edited: Jun 23, 2010, 7:57 am
Yamikuronue's Avatar
Posts: 1288
Location: Mottonsborough
Magus Age: 117 years old
Real Name: Bay
Website: Click Here
Message #44812 Posted: Jun 21, 2010, 8:11 pm
I'm pretty sure golems are intended to be mindless constructs, but I really like your ideas.
DemonDurai's Avatar
Posts: 92
Location: Jaaron
Magus Age: 112 years old
Message #44847 Posted: Jun 23, 2010, 6:32 am
Yamikuronue said:

I'm pretty sure golems are intended to be mindless constructs, but I really like your ideas.

Mindless I agree, just killing well I am sure there are other things the golem capable of.

Last Edited: Jun 23, 2010, 6:34 am
DemonDurai's Avatar
Posts: 92
Location: Jaaron
Magus Age: 112 years old
Message #44849 Posted: Jun 23, 2010, 7:52 am
Other Suggestion

6) Random creature area. The loot is more valuable and much greater, motivation is less but enter at your own peril! From a level 2 Fluffy Bunny to lvl 20 Great Dragon, fight at your own risk! I want to be surprised in fights sometimes, so I can say "oh Shit" or "phew or "Woot" or "that was close!" because I haven't got the right armour or weapon or spell for that particular fight!" There is only so much weakness on a golem you can cover up.

7) An ingame religions to follow: I know we have good, neutral and evil. The religion should be completely new and is not base on anything in the real world. So the followers of the particular religions must have the particular requirements to join like be neutral, evil or good. Spells, armours and certain weapons is only available to if you are a member.

Example: Followers of the god Vandal's religion Vandaline requires you to do X amount of damage to Angelic members per month in order to continue your membership (A great way to encourage PVP)

8) PVP competion: I think I only been attack once in the game which is ridiculous (not that I am encouraging anyone to start now(; ) and I have been here since Beta stage of game. We need a competion of some sort to have a reason to not just the achievemnt.

My idea is a monthly PVP points system base on damage. I could see how this could be easily abuse in may ways. Players get points for damaging golems, even more points for destroying golems and even greater points for raiding workshop. Players lose points when their golem is damage and more points if their golem is destroy and greater points if their workshop is raided. This should prevent manipulation by people looking to get round rules by asking a friend to do them a favour. Also it will concourage people to put better golems outside workshops because at moment Addy golems are there just to make you look good.

9)Natural weather and nature's phenomenom: Can we have earthquake, tornado, flood, storm, typhoon, volcano eurption etc plaguing our worshop now and again, maybe once a month or two. Also there could be an outbreak of a deadly diease that affect our flesh resource income, forest fire that affect wood income, flood that affect stone and iron. These could be for a set period of time. Also there could be opposite, a discovery of a new mine near your city increase metal income for a week, or animals migrating through your area gives you an increase in bone income for a week.

10) Continue to increase your workshop and resources' levels: If my clan has max out all its levels and I have max out my workshop levels nothing much to left to to do with resources ( i know it will take a long while but it will happen). Continue to increase your workshop's level instead of extra resource income or building time reduce, we can have a bonus in score and experience as a reward. This is the easiest of my ideas to implement I think.

Last Edited: Jun 23, 2010, 8:01 am
drackmore's Avatar
Posts: 234
Location: Zion's Reach
Magus Age: 110 years old
Real Name: Gino Drake
Message #45001 Posted: Jul 2, 2010, 6:54 pm
good ideas but im against being rewarded actual tickets. but how about sub-tickets they work exactly like normal tickets but the cant be sold or traded. im looking at this from kep's point of view where he is trying to earn a few dollars. second if this isn't a good idea how about rare items like some discontinued items. or premium items like warp scroll relocation permit ect. as for fighting i would like for a laugh or a challenge but i'd like to see a fight random creature button. like place at the bottom of the page that lists all the monsters for that area.
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