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Darghelm, in the Foothills of Ulvania
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AuthorThread: No XP?
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Message #45965 Posted: Jan 23, 2011, 6:06 pm
Mud Golem (Lvl 1 Clay) VS Grey Goblin Raider!
You are in The Miner's Belt fighting against a grey goblin raider with your Mud Golem. Uttering the magical incantations required to activate your golem, you send it into combat!
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No pen
No wall
+50% Def
25% Rng Miss
No pen
No pen

VS grey goblin raider
[Round 1] An intense, headache-inducing vibration emanates out from Mud Golem! Shaken violently, the grey goblin raider is struck in the right arm 1 time (12 dmg), the right hand 1 time (16 dmg), the chest 1 time (11 dmg), the left leg 1 time (19 dmg), the pelvis 3 times (50 dmg), the left arm 2 times (24 dmg), the abdomen 2 times (26 dmg) and the right leg 1 time (18 dmg). Your Mud Golem begins to aggressively advance upon a grey goblin raider while a grey goblin raider fails to back up. The attacker's is out of range with about 77 feet between them, but the defender readies its repeater dart tube.

A grey goblin raider , seeing that the fight has turned against him, beats a hasty retreat.
Results: Mud Golem did 0 dmg while a grey goblin raider did 0 dmg. The rainy weather allows your Mud Golem to recover 5 damage to its pelvis, abdomen and head.

You earned 0 xp.

Your golem will be back at your workshop in 1 sec.
Looted: You found the iron-tipped darts and 283 gold coins.

Why am I not getting any xp? I should get 9.
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Message #45966 Posted: Jan 23, 2011, 6:20 pm
I think it might be because your golem has no hands. Even though it obviously has a weapon, the lack of hands triggers the 0 xp. Which is sort of a bug, and has been brought up before if I remember right.
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