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What is Muelsfell? - Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) that revolves around the creation of magical golems by mages and magic users. Muelsfell is part combat, part roleplaying game, part resource management. Sign up for an account and give it a try -- for free!
Provinces of Muelsfell
Muelsfell is a relatively small section of a much larger world. Still, it covers a massive area, ranging from arid desert to frost-coated wasteland and all points between. The more hospitable areas of plains, woodland, and hills have been split up into five provinces. Each of these provinces is unique and governed by distinctively different groups of people.

In addition to populated and stable provinces, there are notable areas that are wild and untamed, typically infested with all manner of monster.
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RulersQueen Ezmelda of the GreenlandKern Provincial Map
TerrainHeavy woodlands, rolling hills.
WildlifeGoblin, Jabberwock, Yeti
Though Dimitra is often accused of ruthless behaviour during wartime, it is Kern that has been home to some of the most horrific villains the realm has ever known. During the relatively recent civil war that split Kern during the year 1674, a group of noblemen who attempted to usurp the throne employed alchemical devices of terrifying ability. Though Queen Ezmelda's royal army put the rebellion down after a mere four months, many of the natural splendors of Kern have been severely polluted. Lakes that once shone like crystal now bear oily blue flames that never die, and woodlands with the finest hunting are now twisted into dangerous near sentient forces of darkness. The civil war is a topic of deep shame for the Kernian people and rarely discussed openly with those from other lands.

Despite the ruin that has befallen the land, such were Kern's pre-war resources that it remains one of the most beautiful places to be in all of Muelsfell. With little effort, a visitor can find pristine streams and plentiful fishing, farms that abound with tremendous fruit and vegetables, and villagers who are for the most part pleased with their lives.
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