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What is Muelsfell? - Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) that revolves around the creation of magical golems by mages and magic users. Muelsfell is part combat, part roleplaying game, part resource management. Sign up for an account and give it a try -- for free!
Provinces of Muelsfell
Muelsfell is a relatively small section of a much larger world. Still, it covers a massive area, ranging from arid desert to frost-coated wasteland and all points between. The more hospitable areas of plains, woodland, and hills have been split up into five provinces. Each of these provinces is unique and governed by distinctively different groups of people.

In addition to populated and stable provinces, there are notable areas that are wild and untamed, typically infested with all manner of monster.
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RulersThe Northern Peoples of the TuskUlvania Provincial Map
TerrainMountainous and rugged, with heavy ice and snow in the higher altitudes.
WildlifeKobolds, Manticore
Where the frosted peaks of the Northern Wall descend to the plateau of the Icerush live the hearty Peoples of the Tusk. Legends hold that in times past, the first explorers here nestled together in caves and sheltered valleys against the cold and developed unbreakable bonds of friendship. Regardless of the truth of those old tales, Ulvania's people are warm and welcoming toward all but those of most hideous intent. The province has a strong reputation as being even tempered, and its aristocracy are often called in to settle disputes between other provinces. Some joke that the Ulvanian diplomats have worn a ten foot deep path through solid stone toward Mottonsborough, such is how often they are called into that militaristic capital. When asked, most Ulvanians simply offer a smile and a warm mug of mead.

This warm intent on the part of the Ulvania people is not just for show; they practice their beliefs on a daily basis amoung their own people. Yet still no province is left in peace thanks solely to good intentions, and Ulvania is no exception. Nestled in the valleys behind Old Forge Mountain and the Miner's Belt are war machines of surprising size and power. These are often kept from view during negotiations, but on more than one occasion, an uncompromising general from Dimitra has 'accidently' been allowed a view of the monstrous constructs to squelch his objections.
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